Welcome to Palindrome Generator

This project is a Palindrome Generator Library written in JAVA. Currently, it is the fastest palindrome generator library available. It generates next palindrome within O(l/2) where l = length of the palindrome string. Also it generates the next palindrome from a given starting string in the same time. It does not bound you with the set of alphabet. You can provide an alphabet which JAVA String class accepts. Please explore for further knowledge. Also it contains some utility functions like palindrome detection etc.


See documentation at: https://github.com/mharisce/palindrome/wiki/_pages

Blog Post

Here is the link of the blog post on Palindrome Generator.

Authors and Contributors

I, @mharisce, am the author of this library. I have put about 70 hours in writing this library. I got inspiration to write this from a failure in Google Code Jam 2013.

Support or Contact

You can contact me on m.haris.ce@gmail.com Here is my website link. If you have trouble in finding palindrome.jar you can download the latest version from here.